Welcome to a dictionary of Global Symbols for communication, where you will find a series of free symbol sets that have been developed in various countries to support those with communication difficulties.  This is where you will find speech, language and literacy needs are assisted by the use of text to speech and pictograms that will be localised to suit your preferences.

The Global Symbols’ team aims to take forward the ideas developed during the research work of the Arabic Symbol Dictionary (Tawasol symbols) as a central hub reaching out to others developing freely available symbols world wide, with the assurance that any symbols added to the system would be recognised by Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) users and experts in the field as being suitable for their needs.

The chance to vote on AAC symbol choices using technology became a successful strategy for maintaining high quality pictograms during the development of the Tawasol symbols with appropriate labels and imagery that matched the local language, culture, religious and social settings.  The aim is to  encourage other AAC teams to collaborate in making more localised symbols freely available to all taking a user-centred approach to the process.