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Light bulb with brain arrows to a series of symbols arrow to a variery of disabilties.

E.A. Draffan

Global Symbols to build AI-powered symbol generator with Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant

This new Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant will accelerate our work on developing “SymbolBuilder” using AI for image-to-symbol with text prompts to generate a unique symbol to represent a new concept. The resulting image can be edited or accepted through a process of acceptance by users, communication partners and AAC professionals.

David Banes, Director of Global Symbols said.

“If voices matter, then they matter for all because communication matters. We want everyone to have a voice and vocabulary to participate fully in their own community. We aim to ensure that the words needed are available when people want them; no person with a disability should ever be lost for words when it matters. “

The project will work closely with partners worldwide to test and evaluate the symbols created for free use by people with disabilities.

Background Information

AI for Accessibility is Microsoft’s program aimed at harnessing the power of AI to amplify human capability for the more than one billion people around the world with disabilities. Through grants, technology, and AI expertise, the program aims to accelerate the development of accessible and intelligent AI solutions and build on recent advancements.

Global Symbols, founded in 2017, is a UK-based not-for-profit with a focus on developing, storing and sharing communication symbols for use by language communities across the world who lack local capacity. Global Symbols works in full partnership with local communities to bring about access for those with little or no speech and communication needs.

Please visit the AI for Accessibility innovation website and we will be updating our Global Symbols News pages with more information over the course of the project.

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