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AI and Symbols for Festivals

Festivals around the world come with many symbols and Christmas is no different. At this time of year here in the UK it is Christmas time and there are lots of fir trees with decorations. AI image to image systems seem to cope well with them but this is not always the case with other types of pictographic symbols!

· E.A. Draffan

ASHA Convention 2023 and new Cambodian Symbols

ASHA Convention 2023 is all about "Igniting Innovation" with some very interesting presentations and we are trying to keep up in our own way with David Banes including our AI projects in his Master Class where he will also be mentioning a newly designed symbol set for AAC users in Cambodia.

· E.A. Draffan

International AAC Awareness month 'Say What' sharing memorable moments.

For International AAC Awareness month we have been sharing resources provided by those using and working with AAC on our Facecbook pages. However, as the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) suggested the theme of “Say what? Sharing your most memorable moments with AAC.” we thought we would add two memorable moments Charlie Danger has had with the Dulabhatorn Foundation in Thailand and time working with 'Wheelchair For Special Disabled Children' in Kenya.

· E.A. Draffan

Two more conferences AAATE and Communication Matters!

Global Symbols was represented in Paris for AAATE 2023 where there were several sessions on AAC in amongst a host of Assistive Technology tracks and Charlie Danger attended Communication Matters where a myriad of link-ups were made around the subject of evidence-based practice.

· E.A. Draffan
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