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Featured Board Sets

Download handy pre-made Communication Boards as PDFs to print or use them on-screen.

Open a Communication Board in Board Builder (with an account) to take your own copy and make changes.

Lithuanian / English 2 boards using Mulberry symbols 6x6 cells

Lithuanian translation of English with 2 boards that have 6x6 cells with practical symbols to support health and daily necessities

Daily schedule with photos (6 rows with 4 photos and symbol clocks for the time)

This board shows how symbols (designed from two clocks in Symbol Creator) can be mixed with photos for the time of day that meals and medication might occur with photos

Individual in Supported Accommodation (12 boards, mixed symbols 4x4)

Sample boards offering some symbols for daily living in supported accommodation- easy to adapt (Food board as a PDF)

Reasons to use Visual Aids (ARASAAC symbols 1 column 9 rows)

This board highlights some of the reasons to use Visual Aids

Our local community group can support you (Mixed, 1 column)

Information sheet with seven rows using a mix of symbols about community participation to provide helpful services

After the COVID-19 vaccine (Mixed, 2 columns)

Using ARASAAC and other symbols this board provides information after a COVID vaccine.

About the COVID-19 vaccination

Easy-read information with symbols. Text about the vaccine from the UK government (open licenced)

COVID Mental Health Tips (Noun Project, 1 column)

NHS mental health and wellbeing advice as one A4 sheet

COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Information (Mixed, 1 column)

This board is to help when someone asks if they agree to have a vaccination against COVID

Have you got long Covid? (Mulberry, 1 column)

This board uses Mulberry symbols and has 6 symptons of the several noted on the NHS website for Long Covid

Understanding Lockdown 2021 (Mixed, 4x2, single board)

Basic understanding of Lockdown using a mix of symbols in 2 columns

The Spread of COVID-19 (ARASAAC/mixed, 1 column, 2 boards)

These two boards about the spread of COVID-19 and how to try to avoid the virus using mixed symbols.

Feeling ill (Mixed symbols, single board 4x3)

This board uses a mix of symbols linked to cold and flu like symptoms.

Questions about needs (Mulberry 4x3, 2 boards linked))

Designed for adults with 2 boards asking asking what a person may need.

COVID 19 feelings and quesitons (Mulberry 6x3, 2 boards)

This COVID-19 feelings and questions board for a male has 18 symbols on two boards.

How do you feel? (male)

How do you feel for a male, with 24 symbols on two boards

How do you feel? (female)

How do you feel for a female, with 24 symbols on two boards

Alphabet / Number Board (7x4, 2 linked boards)

Lower case alphabet and number boards that can be printed out as single boards or downloaded as .obz

Nurse/Patient Questions COVID

The two boards can be printed as a PDF back to back on an A4 sheet (double sided) and put into a plastic pocket or laminated.

About me - Profile Information Sheet (Mixed, columns, 3 boards)

This is an experimental series of boards using different ways of collecting profile information

Adult Core Vocab (Mulberry/mixed, 4x4, 19 unlinked boards)

Adult Core words with 19 boards. The boards have been made as individual 4 by 4 charts for printing, but can have cells adapted as links to other boards to make a communication book on an electronic device.

Bingo Game ARASAAC (3x4)

ARASAAC symbols with coloured background for parts of speech with 3 rows and 4 cells across

Building game (ARASAAC, 4x3)

Building lego game using ARASAAC symbols with 4 cells across and three down

E-Tran template (cut out A3 experiment)

This board can be printed out as a single A3 sheet and used for an E-Tran board with alphabet letters - very much an experiment!

What do you want? (Openmoji, 4x3)

A basic set of words working with a question using the open moji symbols in a landscape grid with 4 cells across and 3 down.

Yes/No/More/Stop (ARASAAC, 2x2, single board)

This board has the ARASAAC symbols in 2 rows by 2 columns

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