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Featured Board Sets

Download handy pre-made Communication Boards as PDFs to print or use them on-screen.

Open a Communication Board in Board Builder (with an account) to take your own copy and make changes.

About the COVID-19 vaccination

Easy-read information with symbols. Text about the vaccine from the UK government (open licenced)

COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Information (Mixed, 1 column)

This board is to help when someone asks if they agree to have a vaccination against COVID

After the COVID-19 vaccine (Mixed, 2 columns)

Using ARASAAC and other symbols this board provides information after a COVID vaccine.

COVID Mental Health Tips (Noun Project, 1 column)

NHS mental health and wellbeing advice as one A4 sheet

Have you got long Covid? (Mulberry, 1 column)

This board uses Mulberry symbols and has 6 symptons of the several noted on the NHS website for Long Covid

Understanding Lockdown 2021 (Mixed, 4x2, single board)

Basic understanding of Lockdown using a mix of symbols in 2 columns

The Spread of COVID-19 (ARASAAC/mixed, 1 column, 2 boards)

These two boards about the spread of COVID-19 and how to try to avoid the virus using mixed symbols.

Feeling ill (Mixed symbols, single board 4x3)

This board uses a mix of symbols linked to cold and flu like symptoms.

Questions about needs (Mulberry 4x3, 2 boards linked))

Designed for adults with 2 boards asking asking what a person may need.

COVID 19 feelings and quesitons (Mulberry 6x3, 2 boards)

This COVID-19 feelings and questions board for a male has 18 symbols on two boards.

How do you feel? (male)

How do you feel for a male, with 24 symbols on two boards

How do you feel? (female)

How do you feel for a female, with 24 symbols on two boards

Alphabet / Number Board (7x4, 2 linked boards)

Lower case alphabet and number boards that can be printed out as single boards or downloaded as .obz

Nurse/Patient Questions COVID

The two boards can be printed as a PDF back to back on an A4 sheet (double sided) and put into a plastic pocket or laminated.

About me - Profile Information Sheet (Mixed, columns, 3 boards)

This is an experimental series of boards using different ways of collecting profile information

Adult Core Vocab (Mulberry/mixed, 4x4, 19 unlinked boards)

Adult Core words with 19 boards. The boards have been made as individual 4 by 4 charts for printing, but can have cells adapted as links to other boards to make a communication book on an electronic device.

1st Core board (Openmoji, 4x3)

A basic set of words using the open moji symbols in a landscape grid with 4 cells across and 3 down.

Bingo Game ARASAAC (3x4)

ARASAAC symbols with coloured background for parts of speech with 3 rows and 4 cells across

Building game (ARASAAC, 4x3)

Building lego game using ARASAAC symbols with 4 cells across and three down

E-Tran template (cut out A3 experiment)

This board can be printed out as a single A3 sheet and used for an E-Tran board with alphabet letters - very much an experiment!

Yes/No/More/Stop (ARASAAC, 2x2, single board)

This board has the ARASAAC symbols in 2 rows by 2 columns