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AAC Image Library

By AAC Image Library

A symbol set by AAC users, for AAC users, AACIL was originally designed to supplement other symbol sets by "filling in the gaps". Now becoming a symbol set in its own right, AACIL maintains a focus on disability, identity, and topics regarded as "niche".

Adam Urdu Symbols

By Misbah S Ansari, Dr Ayesha Kamal Butt & E.A Draffan

These Urdu symbols were developed in Riphah International University. They were designed to cover specific core words. They work well with ARASAAC, Tawasol and Jellow symbol sets.


By Government of Aragón


By Blissymbolics Communication International

Bliss-characters and Bliss-words make up a semantic graphical language. The labels have been translated into several languages.

Crna Gora (Montenegro)

By Crna Gora

These symbols have been developed by a team in Montenegro and work well with ARASAAC symbols and have been designed to cover specific cultural differences.


By Guemil Project

Hrvatski simboli za PK (Croatia)

By Competence network ICT-AAC

Core simboli + novodizajnirani simboli developed in Croatia. The symbols work well with ARASAAC which also has labels in Croatian


By IDC School of Design

Mulberry Plus

By Mulberry and Global Symbols

Symbols for medical and care situations that work with Mulberry Symbols.

Mulberry Symbols

By Steve Lee

OCHA Humanitarian Icons

By OCHA Visual


By OpenMoji Project

Otsimo Turkish

By Otsimo (Ersin Kiymaz, Naz Yilmaz, Ersin Sinay)

Turkish and English concepts, based on Mulberry

Sclera Symbols

By Sclera NPO

SEA Symbols

By Alana Tran

The SEA Symbols have been developed with the help of teachers and other educational staff in Phnom Penh.

Shqip simbolesh set / Albanian symbols set


Srbija Simboli - latinica (Serbia)

By Za svako dete: Glas


By Mada

Symbols designed for the Mada Center in Doha, Qatar to work with the ARASAAC symbol set

Typical Bulgarian Symbols

By UNICEF - Bulgaria

Македонски симболи (Macedonian)


Србија Симболи - ћирилица (Serbia)

By За свако дете: Глас

Овај сет симбола има ознаке написане ћириличним писмом

Типично български символи / Typical Bulgarian Symbols

By UNICEF - Bulgaria

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