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Training Modules and Resources

Welcome to our courses and resources about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) including supporting technologies.

Welcome to communication and AT

Content offered on the Global Symbols Moodle site is free and has a Creative Commons Licence. Courses are available in English and some other languages. If you would like to help translate a course into a language not already available, please contact us:

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Courses based on themes

AAC Training (6) - Trening o PK na hrvatskom (8) - AAK Trening Srbija (8)

Courses based on prior skill / knowledge levels

AAC Guided Pathways (3) - Пътеводител на ДАК (5) - Патоказ кон ААК (3)

Extra Resources and Instructions

AAC Resources & Board Builder (1) - Symbol Voting Instructions (en, hr, sr) (3)

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Communication using Symbols - A Carer's Training Pack (1)

One module about Communication using Symbols with five steps that can be dipped into at any stage and need no prior knowledge. They include:

  • How we communicate - Managing conversations - Finding the right words and images - Adapting images and symbols for each individual - Creating opportunities to encourage conversations.

There are some activities, case studies and examples of communication boards and information charts with most steps and the entire Carer's Training Pack can be downloaded

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