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Three symbols first with many symbol cards, second with information and third with cabinet with lots of languages.

E.A. Draffan

AAC Symbols to support more Languages

Many AAC symbols sets such as ARASAAC and Sclera Symbols (seen in the image) have been translated into several languages, but it is hard for new symbol set owners to translate their symbol sets. It is also hard to provide automatic translation without knowing the context or part of speech of a particular symbol. Take for example the word 'spring' in English where there might be three possible nouns, a coil, the time of year and the possible source of a river. There is also a verb 'to spring' as in to jump or to arise from something. We discussed this issue in a blog about text simplification earlier in the year! spring

Because of these difficulties we decided that the first phase of achieving more languages on Global Symbols would allow new authors or owners of symbol sets to translate their own symbols using automatic translation with editing options.

Owneers need to be logged in and then go to their symbol set, select the arrow beside 'edit' and the drop down list that includes a menu item for 'translate'. The original language will appear so the next stage is to choose an available language and once the 'find untranslated symbols has been selected, each symbol will appear with the chance to 'get translation' and edit it if it is not correct and then publish. Hopefully a very easy process! translate

There are now several additional languages on offer for the whole website thanks to autotranslation so if you see mistakes please let us know. We are aiming to increase the number over the coming months thanks to the open source Weblate 'copylefted libre software web-based continuous localization system'. It helps if you choose a preferred language in your profile and then the language for the site (found at the bottom of the webpage). This will result in those symbols that are in the language appearing in browsing mode or when searched.

Board Builder, as an app, has a slightly different translation system, but more languages will be appearing and these will allow us to translate the strings (navigation around the app) as well as the symbol labels.

So please stay with us on this journey and we will let you know the latest news! smile

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