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Tea symbol and Hello

E.A. Draffan

Welcoming more Mulberry Symbols in Turkish and English

Otsimo Turkish symbols have been publshed by Otsimo and we would like to thank Ersin Kiymaz, Naz Yilmaz, and Ersin Sinay who have also used our voting system to check accessptance levels with their participants in the design and development of the additional set.

These additional symbols to the Mulberry Symbol set really are helpful as they include many more verbs, adverbs and adjectives as well as explanations for parts of speech that could be useful in any language.

Otsimo symbols

The voting results have shown high levels of acceptance and it has been interesting to see some beautiffully designed localised symbols. For those of us used to pouring boiling water into our teapots or cups with a teabag, having a special water boiler beneath a teapot provided an alternative to our tea brewing.

brewing tea

The next step is to check if we can translate all the original Mulberry Symbols into Turkish.

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