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Lithuanian Board Builder to English chart

E.A. Draffan

Sharing charts from Board Builder, this time in English and Lithuanian for a support team.

In June 2021 we were very lucky to receive Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Covid-19 Action Fund support for the rebuilding of a free web app called Board Builder and Symbol Creator using open licence symbols with multilingual capability in order to develop communication charts that could support carers working with potential AAC users Churhill Fellow

The idea was to provide suitable symbols and vocabulary to help with the provision of information expecially linked to the issues arising from the pandemic. We developed sets of featured boards and a free training pack for use with support staff that can be downloaded as a set of slides or used online.


Just recently a member of the support staff at the Society of St James came back to us and asked if we could make a chart in English and Lithuanian to help with a difficult communication situation. We had to depend on automatic translation, but double checked the words requested against several other web pages that provided human language translations. Initially we made two charts that are now at the top of our featured boards and are waiting to see if they work out well. The hope is we can create more pages to make up a communication book but if there are any incorrect words we would love to learn about any corrections needed! Lithuanian questions Lithuanian necessities, food and drink.

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