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absorbent material,sponge

(material + into)

Language Label Description
English absorbent material,sponge (material + into)
Afrikaans absorberende materiaal, spons
Danish absorberende materiale
Dutch spons, absorberend materiaal
Finnish imukykyinen aine, pesusieni
French éponge, matière absorbante
German Absorptionsmaterial
Hungarian szivacs, nedvszívó anyag
Italian materiale assorbente
Latvian uzsūcošs, absorbējošs materiāls, sūklis
Norwegian absorberende materiale, svamp
Polish gąbka, coś chłonnego
Portuguese material absorvente
Russian губка, спонж
Spanish material absorbente, esponja
Swedish absorberande material, tvättsvamp


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