6d. Establishing local testing processes – AAC Forum

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cboard with serbian translation

Image from the YouTube video of Cboard from the Educational App Store. Srna using Cboard in Serbia (2.57 mins)

  • The Cboard app should first be introduced to AAC Forum members in training sessions.
  • Before the training, it is useful to send participants a link to Cboard (web and mobile) and ask them to install it on their tablet devices. There is a printable handbook that can be downloaded
  • Having a copy on personal tablets means they can test some of the Cboard options during the training and access the trainer's presentation slides and instructions.
  • The Cboard manual should be translated into the local language and provided to the participants before the training (Cboard Instruction manual as part of the app).
  • Hands-on group work should include working with the Cboard. AAC forum members should receive technical support from the project team if they have problems or questions working with the Cboard. It is also useful if the technical experts of the project team prepare some videos explaining advanced features of the Cboard.
  • A further goal of the AAC Forum is to disseminate information and promote Cboard to other professionals who use AAC and parents and caregivers. Advanced technical support that members of the AAC Forum cannot provide should be the responsibility of project team members communicating with the developer community.

An example of a Cboard installation in Croatian YouTube Part 1 - Praktični rad u aplikaciji Cboard I. dio (42mins) and Part 2 Prakticni rad u Cboardu II. dio (33mins)