7a. Understanding Needs of Families and Carers

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questions Establishing a dialogue with family members is essential in building communication at home. Family support groups can be encouraged to discuss a range of questions, not only with a professional but alongside other parents facing similar challenges. Useful areas for discussion can include:

  • What are your goals or expectations for the AAC device that your child will receive?
  • What are your priorities for your child?
  • What experiences have you had with AAC in the past (good, bad, and ugly)?
  • What role might each family member play in the AAC journey?
  • How do you think it will affect the relations between the family members?
  • How do you think it will affect the relationship with other community members or the ability to take your child outside to the community?
  • What is the best way for you to learn new AAC-related material?
  • What do you think the role of the professionals should be while working with you on the AAC device?
  • What are your greatest concerns?
  • Building AAC opportunities around routines, what does your day and week look like?
  • Do you think it will affect the routine of your house?
  • Do you see it affecting family roles?
  • Do you think it will increase your level of stress?