3c. Example - Croatia: Adapted Translated Modules

Updated by Global Symbols with UNICEF ECARO

This example illustrates the adaptations that can be made of existing English materials as was the case for the Croatian 'Voice for every Child' project:

  • Module 0 - Principles of Early Intervention - was created by a Croatian ECI specialist.

  • Module 1 - AAC concepts in general.

  • Module 2 - Process of assessment and strategies for inclusion using the SETT model; creation of an individual support plan

  • Module 3 - AAC in general in the kindergarten setting.

  • Module 4 - Various assistive technologies and access methods in general.

  • Module 5 - The importance of the relationship between family and caregiver for AAC success.

  • Module 6 - Ways to combine different options when using AAC; insights into advances in information and communication technology solutions.