4e. Practicalities of Symbol Design

Updated by Global Symbols with UNICEF ECARO

photo transparent clear outline symbols Full List of AAC Symbol Design Guidelines Sample rules to apply include:-

  • Symbol size tend to be 500 x 500 pixels (use points for measuring unit options) with contrasting colours.
  • Outlines of faces, bodies, and objects are 2 to 7 points (depending on the size of the character in the image)
  • Keep vector files consistent. The best format for adaptations is .svg with transparent backgrounds, but offer an alternative such as a .png so that jpgs and pdfs can be made for printouts of any size.

different symbols for happy Thanks to Sclera, Drops (The Dynamic and Resizable Open Picture Symbols), ARASAAC, Metacom, Mulberry and PCS, Widget, SymbolStix to see a comparison of the sets

Think about the audience – visual acuity and dexterity skills as well as perception (understanding) plus age, location, culture, religion and social settings.

  • Real object associated with an activity – then a representation
  • Photographs and pictures (normally from around 1 year onwards)
  • Symbol representations (normally from around 3 years onwards)

large to small mug with different backgrounds

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