Assessing Country Readiness

Updated by Global Symbols with UNICEF ECARO


Questions that need to be asked when evaluating country readiness for AAC strategies and technologies.

Is a policy framework conducive?

  • Provisions supporting inclusion of children with disability from early age through services, inclusive education, family support etc.

What are the key institutions and partners with mandate to support inclusion of children with disabilities?

What is the status of AAC use in a country?

  • Services that identify needs and support AAC, capacity of professionals and training availability, technology and resources available for AAC?

What could be entry points for AAC?

  • Early childhood intervention (ECI) services, inclusive education settings/preschools and schools, speech therapy services, resource centres/professionals supporting the inclusion of Children with Disabilities (CWD)
  • Professionals supporting inclusion of CWD
  • Willingness and commitment to improve support to CWD and their families

Has there been any consideration about the types of technology that could be used to support AAC?

Cboard - An Example of a Free and Open licensed AAC/AT Solution

  • Free app/communicator for children with communication difficulties
    • children use symbols to turn text into speech
  • Developed with support from UNICEF Office of Innovation as a web application by CIREHA/Ottaa company
  • Web application and mobile app for Android (supports off line mode)
  • The mobile app allows for linguistic adaptation
    • integrates different text to speech synthesis for languages not widely available.
    • integrates national customized symbol sets