UNICEF Europe and Central Asia (ECAR) Approach

Updated by Global Symbols with UNICEF ECARO

Key Objectives

These objectives are related to the Sub-regional initiative: A Voice for Every Child (ECARO, UNICEF Office for Innovation, Global Symbols, 5 COs) included the need to:

  • Improve availability of open source, customizable, AT/AAC solutions
  • Improve capacity of professionals to support early inclusion of children with AAC solutions 
  • Support shift from medical to social model of disability
  • Nurture partnerships and capacity that can build sustainable national AT/AAC ecosystems

AAC in a classroom

Key Principles

Support for AAC in ECAR is implemented within a broader effort to support the early inclusion of children with disabilities through:

  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and
  • Inclusive education approaches
  • Support for AAC is family-centred, with parents as key partners in supporting AAC solutions' initiation and continuous use

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