5g. Open Design and Development

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Open Design and Development does not mean that things are always free or that they can be used in any way that someone may want. When thinking about open design and development it is important to remember that open Licencing takes a variety of forms related to the different formats:

open licencing

  • Open Source for software code that may be found on a repository such as GitHub
  • Creative Commons for content for example symbols and training materials
  • OER Commons for shared Open Educational Resources

These all allow for forms of sharing and reuse and here are some of the examples of open licencing that you will find Global Symbols are using:

  • Android, where the tablet has an open licenced operating system and the gateway for AAC apps, such as Cboard, allow for increased collaboration.
  • Moodle where the content and code used to develop the online learning platform are open to collaboration, so that all our Global Symbols training materials can be shared and translated by anyone.
  • Open Board Format for AAC Symbol Charts that allows us to share all our Board Builder communication charts with apps such as Cboard and CoughDrop.
  • The start of making communication charts for everyone and any device that uses a simple grid layout with our Board Builder and Symbol Creator apps

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