2e. Selection of New Symbols for Design

Updated by Global Symbols with UNICEF ECARO

tawasol and arasaac symbols Example taken from ARASAAC symbols developed in Spain and Tawasol symbols developed in Qatar.

Once the AAC Forum has reached consensus regarding the choice of a symbol set that has the majority of symbols available to suit user requirements and the necessary vocabulary, the next step is to see how many new symbols are required. This may mean looking at:

  • dress codes
  • gender, number (dual and plurals)
  • orientation of images – left to right and right to left, use of hands with food
  • physical features, hair etc? stick figures.
  • mixing and showing affection with mixed sexes
  • local currency, food, shops and other social settings
  • environment – greenery versus desert etc
  • religious sensitivities, holidays, buildings etc.

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