3a. Selection of Participants and Skills Audit

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Before delivering any training, there is great value in undertaking a skills audit of the anticipated audience and stakeholders. The following are useful questions to consider in mapping confidence and expertise within a target group.

  • How central are AAC systems and activities to your daily work?
  • How confident are you in your skills and knowledge in this area?
  • What is your role in the Identification of the need for AAC, including identifying people who may benefit from AAC and benefit from an AAC assessment, training, and ongoing support?
  • What role do you play in Implementing an AAC solution? How much of your work is directly with someone who uses AAC to develop their communication skills?
  • How involved in AAC reviews are you? How do you ensure that any AAC systems and services continue to meet the needs and abilities of the individual?
  • How confident with AAC Technology are you, including the preparation, adaptation and integration of AAC with other assistive technology?
  • Are you confident in AAC Equipment management (paper-based, different levels of technical complexity), including provision, delivery and maintenance?
  • Do you have an AAC leadership role, such as raising awareness or helping to develop more AAC friendly services?
  • Are you responsible for facilitating AAC learning to help others to learn about AAC?
  • Do you know champions for AAC delivery who are willing to share their expertise and support the creation of training materials to enhance provision across your community?

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