6c. Interface Localisation where translations are needed.

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cboard in macedonian

  • If the country's language is not supported in Cboard, communication should be established with the project team and the Cboard developer community.
  • Localization is currently carried out using Crowdin, a cloud-based localization technology.
  • The software is free for non-commercial open-source projects and educational projects. All words and text labels that appear in the Cboard user interface and symbol text labels are inserted into Crowdin, and appointed members of the project team, or national language experts can evaluate the existing translations and improve them as needed.
  • To facilitate the localization Cboard developers have provided a language translation project system using Crowdin
  • The translator needs to have a Crowdin account. This way, people can translate the user interface elements and symbol labels onscreen, which can be very helpful because some words can have multiple meanings.

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