1g. Develop a Project Plan

Updated by Global Symbols with UNICEF ECARO

design, develop analyse evaluate
  • The final step in this initial phase is to begin to build the project plan.
  • The details of this plan will be based upon the specific requirements of the community.
  • A comprehensive collaborative approach will help the team to understand all of the phases of a project and can be used to set time lines and any associated budget.
  • In addition having understood where there are gaps in services, support and technologies it is time to think about specifics related to the use of AAC, defining symbol sets and applications as can be seen in the table below

In Project Voice the Croatian team used a "Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)" to provide an initial outline of the phases and activities. The process allowed the team to break down work packages into manageable deliverables for their eventual Gantt chart, budget estimates and key perfomance indicators as demonstrated in the 1g Example Workplan.

Phases Training Symbol Set Creation App Piloting Project Management
1. Analysis of need Analysis of national core vocabulary Check availability of local TTS Set up the core team
2. Define framework and platform Selection of symbol set to suit match localisation Support localisation of app development Define timeline and activities
3. Critque English version (if already available) Voting on symbol designs Integrate TTS and symbol sets Assign participants for AAC Forum
4. Engage authors and translators Reviews Beta test Connect with Participants
5. Implementation Publication Use with Participants Dissemination
1. Update and translate materials Design of new symbols Translation of app instructions Task allocation
2. Trial and Review Batch uploads to Global symbols voting system Trial with teams Engagement
3. Advertise and set up training Acceptance levels reviewed Bug fixes and updates Support
4. Review, mentor, support Iterative voting session and symbol redesigns Use with participants Time checks and reviews
5. Evaluate Publish and share localised symbol set Support and monitor Reporting

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