2h. Publishing the new Symbol Set with Language Translations

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  • The owners of any symbol set on Global Symbols can decide when they want their symbol set to move from draft mode to publish mode when it will be seen by anyone viewing the Global Symbols Repository.
  • At this stage further translations can occur, so for instance, if a symbol set is designed with Croatian labels, but could be used in Serbia, there is a system for label translation that can be automated using Microsoft Azure with around 75% success rate. (Translation help)
  • This means there will still be a quarter of the symbols that have inaccurate meanings or concepts.
  • It is vital to make sure to correct any labels that have been incorrectly translated.
  • This requires the owners of the symbol set to offer the translator 'Collaborator' status using their login email address.


Don't forget to give your symbol set an open licence and the name of the publisher as seen in the example of the Croatian national symbol set.

Link to Global Symbols instructions for adding a language translation to a symbol set.

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