8. Appreciating Long Term Results

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Croatian board in a park

Croatian Communication Board in a park developed by Nastavno-klinički centar Edukacijsko-rehabilitacijskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu.

The countries involved with the UNICEF “A Voice for Every Child” programme found that they could already see results from their work over a period of two years that included outcomes such as:

  • Increased awareness on the value of AAC/AT
  • Strengthened national coalitions for AAC/AT to support use and availability of affordable AAC solutions
  • Strengthened collaboration between global and national experts and universities
  • University courses and continuous professional development opportunities related to AAC AT available
  • National resource centers for AAC AT support
  • Professionals (preschool teachers, psychologists, speech and language specialists) use modern methods and means in line with the social model of disability
  • Centers of excellence support national design and development of AT solutions
  • Markets shaped to improve accessibility and affordability of AT solutions

Aleksandra Jovic Early Childhood Development Specialist, ECARO

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