6b. Text to Speech solutions and different languages

Updated by Global Symbols with UNICEF ECARO

text to speech

  • Currently, Cboard supports 40+ languages.
  • Cboard can be used with the existing Google or Samsung Text to Speech (TTS) included in current tablets running the Android operating system.
  • To use Cboard with another TTS designed for a specific language, that TTS must be installed from the Google Play Store or a link provided by the vendor.
  • The AAC Forum should evaluate the existing TTS solution for a particular language in terms of the quality of the TTS voices at the word and sentence level.
  • If there is a TTS for the country that is not free, the office of UNICEF should start a discussion with vendors to explore possible agreements that would result in reduction or removal of fees for end users. See the example from North Macedonia.

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